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    1. First, communicate with your peers whether the system statistics are abnormal, which also happens frequently. In fact, most of the time, the sudden drop in traffic may not be your own problem, or a system problem. First, communicate with other peers, so as not to rush to adjust and modify, there is no problem.

      2. Industry market

      It should be ruled out whether an industry-wide slump would result in low traffic. Determine if this is the overall situation or if it is only your store that has this problem.

      3. Product flow

      When the above two reasons are excluded, first go to the background to analyze whether the traffic of the main push product has dropped or the traffic of all products in the whole store has dropped synchronously. If only the main push traffic has dropped significantly, but the other products have not changed significantly, the product will be specifically analyzed at this time.

      4. Traffic channels are also an important part of influencing traffic

      Sellers can check reviews or inventory for issues. If there are no problems, continue to analyze each traffic entry of the product to see which part is the problem.

      5. Index Analysis

      If it’s not a single traffic entry problem, but all entry points are declining, then sellers need to segment daily product data such as collection rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. Look at the change curve to see where the problem is.

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      low traffic solution

      1. Do a good job in store decoration

      A good store style can help sellers establish the brand image of the store in the minds of customers. It is recommended that sellers start from the perspective of target customers. Considering the appearance and style of the store, sellers can also choose the color frame, store name, logo and layout of the store according to their own preferences.

      2. Determine the store product category

      Sellers can customize product types in the store to ensure consumers can easily find the products they want to buy and improve their browsing experience. For products that require customs clearance or offer big discounts, sellers can add specific categories to these products to increase product exposure. In order to give consumers more choices, sellers of these products need to adjust and update regularly.

      The above are the reasons and solutions for the low traffic of the mall sellers to share with the sellers, I hope it will be helpful for the sellers to open their stores. Lianlian Cross-border Payment always pays attention to every little thing of sellers, and will also bring articles on related aspects in future articles to help sellers operate better.

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      What is cross-border e-commerce?

      1 The traditional mode of the mall and Shopee is different

      2 Shopee's online stores all need to find their own sources of goods and deliver their own goods, which is very hard and requires a lot of money to maintain.

      3. Cross-border e-commerce does not need to be so troublesome. It is all the supply and traffic provided by the platform. You will not worry about not having customers. The main reason is that the service is good and the delivery is fast. Customers will like our store.