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Amazon was established in the United States and is an e-commerce platform for the global market. With self-operated overseas warehouses overseas, relying on the supply chain system established around the world, it has huge advantages in terms of delivery timeliness, safety, price, and services.

Amazon focuses on the European and American markets, and the advantages of the European and American markets: E-commerce in Europe and the United States is developing rapidly, and the young population base is large. The customers of shoppers are mainly young people. Among the 1 billion people in Europe and the United States, about 52% are under the age of 30, of which Most are young people and the market is very large and concentrated.

Amazon adopts the most popular and advanced drainage channels, we will bring together multi-channel advertising (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and mainstream media will help out. 400+ social media influencers recommended, mainstream media front-page reports, comprehensive subway advertisements, and outdoor large-screen advertisements were repeatedly promoted.

Amazon has a comprehensive support service for merchants to settle in.

Profit process:

  • Register the store
  • Verify information
  • Publish products
  • Buyers place orders
  • Process orders
  • Delivery orders
  • Waiting for payment
  • Earn profit

1. Teach you how to open a store, all the qualifications will help you to open a store quickly!

2. No supply mode, provide ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to recommend hot products, teach you to upload to the store with one click.

3. The platform will provide traffic support for new stores, don't worry about no traffic, the platform will show your products to buyers to attract buyers to place orders. The platform will also provide refined tutors to help you run your store.

4. Professional customer service will guide you how to process the order. You only need to purchase new orders in time, and the warehousing staff will cooperate with you to deliver the goods as soon as possible. You can track the order throughout the process.

5. After the buyer signs the order, the order sales will be returned to your wallet, and you can transfer the wallet balance to your bank account.

6. It doesn't matter if you don't know foreign languages, the seller supports multiple languages, and there is a professional customer service team to help you receive.

Keep Your Business on Top

At Amazon, we are committed to providing the best in-class service to help you and your business succeed. Our suite of reliable marketing strategies and tools ensure the growth and expansion of your business. By becoming a part of our team, you will be able to increase customer base, loyalty, and sustain proactive scalability.

Customer Support

Excellent Infrastructure in Customer Support

Amazon customers are our top priority and in result, we are resolute in making your business plans happen by enhancing customer growth and service.

Unique Brand

Unique Brand Development Strategies

Learn how to get maximum exposure and perception of your brand from our unique brand-building support team who will consult and work with you through every step.

Integrated Plan for Marketing

Integrated Plan for Marketing Resources & Commission

We offer resources to help your business progressively earn sales, deliver analytics, maintain long-term value as well as take part in reduced commission opportunities.

Flexible Logistics Programs

30,000 square meters of overseas storage.

Amazon has its own overseas warehouse of 30,000 square meters, and 100,000+ international high-quality sellers live in.

Our programs provide cost-efficient methods, ease operational challenges, achieve optimization, boost revenue, and produce satisfied customers.

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